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At Froufrou Chic we specialise in creating luxury, hand-made silk ribbons and styling goods for brides, stylists, designers and florists. We offer a wide range of textures to enhance the experience of colour and form in any setting and delight in making products which bring pleasure to our clients.

Our philosophy revolves around ‘the touch of the hand in the hand-made’. Thus our products are hand dyed, hand torn, hand frayed, hand pressed, hand rolled and hand finished. We enjoy exploring new colour palettes, new fabrics and new ways of ‘seeing’ ribbons and are leaders in innovation in these domains.

Froufrou Chic is a small family business operating on both sides of the Atlantic. Heather (Ginny’s step-mom) has studios in France and England where she does the designing and making and Ginny (yep, step-daughter to Heather) is based in the United States where she does the ribbon production and packaging, as well as all the styling, marketing, social media and shipping.

We are on a journey into the beautiful, and want to thank all of our clients who have supported us since our beginnings in 2013.

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