Cendre Original

Cendre Original

from 6.00

"a very pale neutral grey"

INFO: 3 Yards strips in varied widths and lengths.
Our seamless hand dyed ribbons are often blends of many pigments, resulting in a complex yet subtle interplay of nuances. Every step of our ribbon process is by hand, from dyeing, to tearing into ribbon widths, fraying and then pressing. Our hand frayed ribbon ensures the softest edge possible. 

SAMPLE CARDS: Are one yard in length in 0.4 inch width, pressed and folded onto cards. These samples are for color matching and only available in the original silk.

SPOOLS: Our original silk ribbons are wound on hand crafted custom wooden spools.

PAIRING SUGGESTIONS: We love to pair our 2.5 inch original with a 4 inch gauze and 2.5 inch chiffon OR 3.5 inch crinkle (pressed) for a bridal bouquet. SCROLL DOWN for some pairing options.

Ribbon Width + Length:
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