Pressing your ribbons. 

When your ribbons first arrive they will either be on spools or in folded bundles. If your ribbon is on a spool, they are already pressed. However if you need to freshen them up then pull them through hair straighteners on a high setting or under the base of the hotplate of a fairly hot iron. Work in one direction only (the direction the frayed edge is sitting, if you pull it through the other way the fray will stand out much more) holding one end in one hand, the iron in the other. Our crinkle ribbons come hand rolled and unpressed, to allow there full textured appearance to be used. If you wish to press them flatter then just iron normally with a fairly hot iron.

Washing your ribbons. 

All ribbons should be washed by hand in a pH neutral soap (silk does not like alkali environments) and carefully rinsed a number of times. Chiffon is very fragile and is probably best rolled flat on the hand first to make a bundle then gently lowered into the water and just move up and down.

Line dry until just damp then press.

For our original ribbons you can pull them slowly under a hot iron. If this silk dries too much the creases will not iron out. Spray with water until damp and press. Or you can make a lovely textured ribbon by deliberately letting it dry scrunched up.

Washed crinkles can be left to dry and they will stay crinkly, or pressed flatter when partly dry.

The gauze ribbons are best pressed when damp so either catch when partly dry or spray. Again use a fairly hot iron.

The chiffon ribbon is very delicate and best pressed when dry. Lay it partly on the board, spray, then iron that piece gently (it can stretch). do it section at a time.

Runners and Cloths

These can be washed by hand or in a machine on ‘delicate’ with a pH neutral soap. Use a high speed spin and tumble dry on ‘delicate’ until ‘cupboard’ dry. Remove and lay flat to dry (can fold and lay on an airer), or press using a fairly hot iron.