Heather has been dying fabrics for over thirty years. Her technique and process undergo a beautiful journey, one completely unique to froufrou chic. Our ribbons are made from natural silk fabric which is hand-dyed in France into an exclusive palette of colors. Often drawing inspiration from the natural world, Heather spends hours testing and mixing pigments and dyes to craft the perfect blend. Every step of our process is done by hand; From dyeing, to tearing the fabric into ribbons, fraying the edges and then rolling onto our custom spools.

"I normally mix colors by intuition. Each batch of our ribbon is a little varied, but we love the touch of the hand in hand-made."
Heather Cowie


All of our ribbons begin as three yard lengths of natural silk fabric. They are then hand-dyed with complex powder dyes and pigments to achieve their unique coloring.


After drying and pressing our fabric, we tear the fabric into ribbons and begin the process of fraying to create a feathery soft and subtle edge. 


Our ribbons are then pressed and hand rolled onto our custom wooden spools. We tie each ribbon with  a small cut off of our silk in matching color.