bouquet collection vii

bouquet collection vii

from 25.00

dusty blues mixed with darker tones and steel grey hues in silk textures ribbons. 

INFO: Our bouquet collections are pre selected ribbons in complimentary hues and silk textures to make your bouquet ribbon selection easier. Collection I features 3 yard stripes in our 2.5  and 0.5 inch original silk, 2.5 gauze silk and 1.5 inch crinkle silk.

MATCHING BRIDESMAID RIBBONS: We also offer two varieties of mini bridesmaid bouquet ribbons to match your bouquet. One has a total of 6 yards per bouquet in a 1.5 and 2.5 inch strip valued at $43. The other is 3 yards per bouquet in one 2.5 inch ribbon. Please see the dropdown tab for the matching bridesmaid bouquet options.  

 SPOOLED & FOLDED: Only the original silk comes on spools. Our crinkle, chiffon and gauze silks are folded and bundled ready for you to press. 

PRESSING YOUR RIBBON: We use  hair straightening iron on the highest setting. We unfold the ribbon and run it through the straightening iron twice to press perfectly. We suggest pressing all the ribbons in this collection. 

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