Heather Cowie | Co-owner & Ribbontierre

Heather Cowie is a visual artist, based in rural France, inspired by the dynamics, colours and forms of the natural world. Colour and texture play a major role in all of her creative output, and she has been dyeing silk for over thirty years, both for use in her art and as lengths of cloth and accessories.

Designing and making Froufrou Chic ribbons combines her passion for mixing color with a delight in working with a beautiful fabric essentially made by the humble silk worm. She Shares her life with her composer husband Edward Cowie.

Ginny Au | Co-Owner & Creative Director

Ginny Au owns a design & styling company, with a focus in destination weddings and lifestyle curation. Originally from Great Britain, Ginny is drawn to a more natural design esthetic, seeking inspiration from textures, the natural world, movement, authentic beauty and humble grace. Each year Ginny offers creative process workshops around the world and founded a lifestyle curation company called Loom in 2015. 

Her role at Froufrou Chic is to provide Heather, (her step-mother) with creative guidance and understanding of the wedding and small business  industry. She is responsible for creative design, marketing, promotions, social media, customer service, ribbon packaging and presentation. She lives in Alabama with her amazing husband, (whom insists on watching ESPN while rolling pink ribbon,) and their two children. 

for more information regarding our process please click here | process photography by Katie Hyatt